About Us

Who are we, why are we doing this?
nuhni founders

Our wholesome products are made by real people... actually just two very stubborn people, with a dream. We created Nuhni to address the lack of natural fiber cleaning products, as the only mainstream options available are made with synthetic materials.

Our consciously crafted products bring you the best cleaning solutions nature has to offer. Our mission, to create and deliver sustainable, effective, safe and affordable cleaning products to families around the world. Our eco cloth™ will help to rid your home of germs, mold and mildew without introducing harmful chemicals into your life.

Our products are made with sustainable natural fibers such as hemp, agave, flax or wool. We're working with nature, not against it. Regrettably, many mainstream cleaning products such as synthetic microfiber cloths, casutic disinfectants and artificial soaps are made from non-renewable resources; causing irreversible harm to our environment. We wanted to change that, so we took Nuhni from idea to reality.

Here we are.

Want to do more in less time?

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