Our Story

A magical tale of entrepreneurship, it's no fairy tale, don't say we didn't warn you.

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not-so-far away, there was a young man that wanted to ⚔️ a 🐲. He lived in a simple hut outside the 🏰 walls with his wife and two kids. His village was full of people. The people were sad because it was always cold. Every day the people worked in the fields, and then came home to their cold homes, cold food and cold bed. Our young man wanted to make life better for the people. He wanted to fight a dragon and take its 🔥 to warm the village. He wanted to prove to his kingdom and himself that he was brave by fighting a dragon. Most people thought he was crazy. His wife did not. She believed he could fight a dragon. She also secretly wanted to ⚔️ a 🐲.

So, he worked for many years and bought a 🐴, armor and a sword, because if you are going to ⚔️ a 🐲 you need these things, they’re mandatory you know. The day had come. It was time to go fight a dragon. So our young adventurer went to the town square with his 🐴, armor and sword. He stood on a rock and yelled out to the people going about their business. I am going to fight a dragon. I will get the 🐉 🔥 so that we can cook our food and be warm. The townspeople laughed at him and called him names. You’re not a knight. You don’t know anything about fighting dragons they said.

His wife believed in him, she gave him a 💋 and off he rode into the woods. He rode over ⛰️, across valleys and forded 🌊. He had not made it far when he came across a man building a 🚀. As you may know this was not common for the times. It was quite unexpected. The man building the rocket paid our hero little attention. “Hello!” said our hero, “what are you doing?” “I’m building a rocket to go to Mars,” responded the man intensely. “I am very busy and I don’t have time for small chat, what do you need?” said the man. “I am going to fight a dragon,” said our hero. “Oh,” said the man, his interest piqued, “I would be 😃 to come with you and fight a dragon, as I need 🔥 to start this 🚀.” So, he climbed on our hero’s 🐴 and off they rode off to find a dragon.

When they hadn’t gone far, some 🐦 were flying in the sky. Then when they had gone further they saw a man in a river, who appeared to be 🎣. Many 🐦 🕊️ 🦅 were flying overhead. As they got closer, they could see the man was meditating and the 🐟 were jumping out of the 🌊 into his bucket. This is odd they thought. “Hello there sir, what are you doing?” said our hero. “I am listening to the fish,” said the man. “Why?” said the rocket engineer. “Because I am,” responded the fisherman. “Interesting,” responded the rocket engineer. “Do you want to come with us and fight a dragon,” said our hero. “I would like that very much as I need 🔥 to cook these fish” said the fisherman as he climbed on the 🐴 with his bucket of fish.

They rode until they found a cave. It was a scary cave. They started talking about what things could live in this scary cave. The cave had smoke coming out of it and they all agreed it must be a dragon cave. Just then a tiny scaly dragon came out of the cave. They all breathed a sigh of relief. The dragon was too small to hurt them. The dragon didn’t want to be mean so they became friends very quickly. Our adventurers asked the dragon if it would like to return with them to town, as its 🔥 could be of great help to the townspeople. The dragon agreed and hopped in our hero’s backpack. They rode back to town.

The people in the village were a bit angry when the hero returned to the town. He told them that he had captured a 🐉. Stop wasting our time, that is not possible they said. They did not believe him. So, he took off his backpack and out hopped the tiny scaly dragon. Then they believed him.

So our hero with his dragon helped the people light a 🔥 for food and the fisherman shared his 🐟. Everyone was 😃 and warm. The townspeople celebrated. The 🚀 engineer used the dragon’s 🔥 to start his 🚀 and left for Mars. The fisherman opened a restaurant and with the dragons help, cooked fish for all the townspeople. Our hero’s wife helped the 🐲 with his accounting for tax season (as 🐉 have a lot of 💰) and our hero felt wonderful and warm, everyone was 😃. The end 👊.

The Main characters

Meet our ragtag group of adventurers.

She also couldn't be bothered to write this. She is reserved, adaptable, insightful and highly self-sufficient. She possesses a natural ability to drill right into the heart of the issue and swiftly resolve any underlying problems. Innate understanding of how systems operate. Open to new information and approaches. Although competent, occasionally acts without regard for her own safety. Capable of tough decisions, intimidating, blunt and highly effective at achieving her goals.


In his own words... clever, charismatic, enthusiastic and innovative. He has an in-depth understanding of how to improve things, prizing intelligence in self and others. Verbally quick with an occasional perverse sense of humor. Our hero, sees many possibilities where most see one and likes to devise unexpected solutions to problems. Takes, "it can't be done" as a personal challenge. Never does the same thing the same way twice and is terribly bored by routine.


He made us write this, quite thoughtful, analytical and abstract. Spends long periods of time alone working through problems and formulating solutions. Curious about systems and how things work, gifted at analyzing and formulating complex theory's. Quickly sees patterns in external events and formulates a plan for the future. Determined to accomplish goals regardless of what others think. Drew is hyper focused, or lost in thought.

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