Trouble areas? Show your skin some love! Use your stone to exfoliate and smooth your skin.

Our pumice stone is a multipurpose, must-have household item as it is useful for pedicures, manicures, skin care, household chores and more!

Did you know? Natural pumice stones are created when volcanic lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a lightweight, porous and abrasive rock. Our pumice stones are then cut from rock and shaped; each stone being unique.

Product Information:
Quantity: (1)
Material: Volcanic Pumice Stone
Color: Natural
Size: N/A

  • 🌎 All natural and chemical free our volcanic pumice stones are not dyed or scented.

  • 🌎 A pumice stone is essential for proper foot and skin care; exfoliates and refreshes skin.

  • 🌎 Multi-use, pumice stones may also be used to: remove pet hair from your furniture, as a natural oil diffuser, to de-pill sweaters, a grill cleaner, and to scrub out stubborn porcelain stains. See our 'HOW TO USE' tab for even more uses!

  • 🌎 A must-have, multipurpose household item, great for bath, body and beyond!

A pumice stone may be used for manicures, pedicures or general foot care to revive dull skin and diminish dark lines. Soak the desired area in warm water, add soap and gently scrub with your pumice stone until smooth. A word of caution, don't rub your skin too hard, or for too long. Enjoy!

Did you know that ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman women used a pumice stone for unwanted hair removal? To use, soak pumice stone in warm water and lather skin with soap. Gently rub stone on skin in small circular motions for 2-3 minutes. Be sure to moisturize your skin afterwards.

Have a cold or in need of an aromatic pick-me-up? You're going to love this! Take your pumice stone, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil blend (eucalyptus is great if you have a cold) and place in the bottom of the shower. The steam and warm water will combine with the oils for a spa-like experience.

A pumice stone makes cleaning rust stains off porcelain a breeze! To start soak your stone, then get the area on your porcelain toilet, sink or bathtub that needs to be cleaned wet. It is VERY important that you get both the pumice stone and the porcelain wet to ensure that you don't create scratches (we also recommend that you check to see if your porcelain has a protective finish, if it does, check with the manufacturer before proceeding). To remove the stain gently scrub for a few minutes, go for light, even strokes. When done, flush with water, enjoy the sparkle!

To clean pet hair off your furniture FIRST check that you are cleaning fabric or microfiber, DO NOT clean leather with a pumice stone as it will ruin the finish. To clean, wet your stone and use long gentle strokes to remove the pet hair; pet hair will stick to the wet pumice stone like velcro. This method also works great on carpets, and car interiors. Cool huh?

To clean your grill, just wet and scrub... and keep scrubbing. You got this.

A pumice stone will de-fuzz a sweater, gently rub the stone across the pilled fibers. Then use a lint roller to pick up the pills.

To use your pumice stone as a natural oil diffuser, add to a sink full of water; then add your favorite essential oils. Keep your stone in the water for 20-30mins allowing it to soak up the oils essence. To enjoy, place on windowsill or in a mesh bag and hang in an open area. Enjoy!

Recycle your old pumice stone, super power your plants soil. Just add an old pumice stone to your houseplants soil. It's an effective way of giving your plants additional nutrients. Grow little guy, grow!

A pumice stone may be used to remove paint, oil or ink off your hands; just suds and scrub.

Do you DIY? Keeping up with the latest fashion trends perhaps? You can use a pumice stone to distress your jeans for that modern look.

We recommend that you clean your pumice stone after each use to remove debris and unwanted material. For a light clean scrub your stone with an old toothbrush and soap, then rinse under water. To give your stone a more agressive clean put it on the top rack of the dishwasher for a cycle or add it to boiling water to sanitize.