Includes one (1) mini eco cloth, sized 4x4, the best size for makeup removal, tablet screens, travel, messy kids, glasses or spot cleaning.

Our eco cloth™ is the best multipurpose cleaning cloth you will ever use! Our cloth replaces costly paper towels, sponges, window cleaner, microfiber cloths, napkins and washcloths. It cleans quickly while saving you time and money. You can clean the entire house or just the kitchen in one shot, the sink, your countertops, the table, chairs, cupboards and more. Our eco cloth™ easily picks up crumbs and coffee grinds; it soaks up big spills and messes paper towels can't handle.

Our cloths are scratch free and great on dishes. – You can clean with only water, giving you a streak free finish on glass, range tops, granite, and stainless steel appliances. With an eco cloth™, you get a machine washable, odor free.. with no stink or sour! Super absorbent, streak free cloth… made with natures strongest fiber.. hemp. You’ll love saving time and money cleaning your home with an eco cloth™.

  • ☼ The average family is spending well over $500.00 a year on stinky sponges, wasteful paper towels, flimsy washcloths, chemical window cleaner, cheap microfiber cloths and single use napkins. Our eco cloth is an investment in cleaning, it's reusable and machine washable, lasts for years and replaces multiple products. Our eco cloth will pay for itself in just two weeks!

  • ☼ You can clean windows and mirrors streak free using only two eco cloths and water. You will need one wet and one dry.

  • ☼ No stink! Our ecoHEMP™ fibers fight odor causing germs, mold and mildew.

  • ☼ Extra long ecoHEMP™ fibers clean in and around hard to reach areas, picking up crumbs, coffee grinds, whiskers and more.

  • ☼ Our ecoHEMP™ fibers are static resistant, with no left over dust, lint and hair when cleaning mirrors and windows.

  • ☼ At 7x more absorbent than cotton and 2.5x more absorbent than microfiber our ultra-absorbent eco cloths™ clean wet or dry. Wine glass knocked over? No problem, soak it up and get back to the party. Oh, and did we mention... our ecoHEMP™ fibers only get more absorbent the more they are washed, nature's pretty cool huh?

  • ☼ Our ecoHEMP™ fibers use less soap but produce more suds! Just suds it up once, it holds soap like magic!

  • ☼ Our eco friendly fibers are biodegradable, and will not damage our water supply by leaking tiny plastic fibers into our oceans, lakes and rivers.

  • ☼ Manufacured in Aurora, Colorado - USA.

Have you ever picked up a sponge or dish rag only to be knocked off your feet by the stinky odor!? Let's fix that. Our odor fighting eco cloths™ are great beyond the sink AND you'll end up saving money on paper towels, sponges, microfiber cloths and dish cloths as well! They pay for themselves and they're eco-friendly. You have nothing to lose but your smelly sponge!!

Our eco cloth™ uses less soap but produces more suds! Just suds it up and get to scrubbing your dishes, pots, pans and glasswear. Our super-absorbent ecoHEMP™ fibers trap food particles, crud and grime. Once finished rinse it off, squeeze it out and place it over the sink faucet, ready for the next chore!

Coffee grinds? Grease? Sauces? Spills? They are no problem for the eco cloth™ just wet your cloth, wring out as much water as possible and get to work! Our ecoHEMP™ fibers act like tiny fingers lifting away dust, dirt, whiskers, coffee grinds and more; picking them up and trapping them in our fiber matrix. Once finished, just rinse, squeeze it out and place it over the sink faucet.

You have company coming over and you are short on time. You need to get your bathroom in ship-shape, but big box brand chemical wipes just aren't cutting it. Why stress? Our multipurpose eco cloth™ can provide quick, and effective cleaning with less effort. Wipe down the sink, the mirror and maybe the floorboards while your at it and get back to what matters, spending time with friends.

Our eco cloths™ clean mirrors, windows, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances streak free using only water. To clean you will need two eco cloths, one wet and one dry. Scrub off all grime, oil and dirt with the wet eco cloth™ then buff to a clean finish with the dry cloth. Once complete rinse the wet cloth underwater to release the dirt, squeeze until damp and repeat.

Have you ever cleaned a mirror or window only find that you just left a generous portion of fibers, lint and hair everywhere? Yep, we've been there too. The culprit? Those static-prone microfiber cloths. Our eco cloth™ is made with all natural ecoHEMP™ fibers that are static resistant, and ultra-absorbent; making them the perfect choice for cleaning your windows and mirrors. Annoying lint, hair and dust be-gone!

You can wet dust with your eco cloth™ to start get your cloth wet, then wring it out until it is only damp. Wipe any hard surface to remove dust and grime. Once complete rinse the wet cloth underwater to release the dirt, squeeze until damp and repeat. We find that this method works like magic on blinds and shutters.

Grab your eco cloth™ and get to work! Our ecoHEMP™ fibers work with furniture polish to shine that beautiful table in your living room that's become a catch-all for the odds and ends in your home. Don't lie we all have one.

It could be a sippy cup, a glass of wine or your morning coffee. Regardless, life happens, thankfully you have an eco cloth™ so that you can swing into action and soak up that spill! Fun fact, hemp is 7x more absorbent than cotton and 2.5x more absorbent than microfiber. That's nature (1) chemical microfiber cloth (0). Yes, of course we're keeping tally.

One last thing, once you soak up that spill, the eco cloth™ doesn't drip and make a mess on the way back to the sink!

Our eco cloth™ is the perfect shower companion. Hypoallergenic, made from all natural ecoHEMP™ fibers. Our eco cloth™ holds soap like a pro and doesn't quit after your clean. Hemp is naturally germ, mold and mildew resistant; fighting funk so that you have a clean fresh cloth every bath time.

Are you working on working up a sweat? Super absorbent and ready to do battle with funky smells our eco cloth is a reliable exercise companion. When it comes time to refresh your eco cloth just toss it in the wash and you're ready to roll.

Some uses our customers have thought up include: washing the car, a travel napkin, family pets, in-car napkins, RV's, boats, messy toddlers, cleaning off little ones after meal time, pet stains, dog drool, eye glasses, and more!

We recommend that you machine wash normal cycle, with like colors, cold water and low impact detergents... either tumble dry without heat or lay on a flat surface to dry. If you like the softer texture of our ecoHEMP™ fibers do not dry your eco cloths™ on high heat, as this will change the texture of our fibers. Our ecoHEMP™ is a natural fiber and will require aprox 3-5 wash cycles to reach full absorbency.

We believe in natural cleaning, therefore, we do not use conventional fabrics, chemically bonded fibers or pre-wash our products. We do this to prevent the introduction of potentially harmful chemicals used in the industrial pre-wash process. (numerous toxic chemicals are added at each stage of the industrial pre-wash process — silicone waxes, harsh petroleum scours, softeners, heavy metals, flame and soil retardants, ammonia, and formaldehyde — to name just a few.) We do this to prevent the introduction of harmful chemicals into your home. The planet and your family directly benefit with fibers grown from the soil, not the lab.