The perfect size for kitchen chores, with coconut coir bristles our brush cleans all those hard to reach places in your bottles, cups and pots lickty-split!

Our dish scrubber features sustainable coconut fibers that are durable and naturally anti-bacterial. Our coconut dish scrubber is the perfect kitchen solution, simple, eco and effective, take one home today!

Product Information:
Quantity: (1)
Material: Coconut Fibers, Wood, Steel
Color: Natural
Size: 9.75" (Coconut coir brush head 5")

  • 🌎 Scrub your dishes with scratch free coconut fibers, gentle on delicate finishes - tough on grease, grime and food residue.

  • 🌎 The perfect choice for thermoses, baby bottles, wine decanters and more!

  • 🌎 Our coconut fiber brush adjusts to the chore at hand.

  • 🌎 Our bottle brush is natural, vegan and chemical free!

Apply soap (We 💗 Dr. Bronners Dish Soap) and start scrubbing elbow grease required. That's about it.

We reccomend that you rinse your coconut dish scrubber after use and hang over your faucet to drip dry.