This pot scrubber is built to last. Our tried and true design has been used for centuries to clean and care for cooking equipment. Made with natural palm bristles it can be composted at the end of its life cycle.

Often times the simple solution is best, this is one of those times, keep your cleaning tools simple and your dishes clean with our pot scrubber. You're welcome in advance.

Product Information:
Quantity: (1)
Material: Palm Bristles
Color: Natural
Size: 5"

  • 🌎 Do more in less time! Quickly power through those dirty dishes with with our pot scrubber - this design has been used for centuries for one reason, it works!

  • 🌎 Sustainable and biodegradable.

Add soap as needed and scrub those dishes!

To clean, run bristles under running water - sanitize by placing in the dishwasher.