Looking for an odor and pest fighting solution that is eco friendly and chemical free?

Our Smell Good Shrooms™ made from natural camphor wood are effective and easy to use. Simply place them around your home to ward off unwanted smells, pests, mold and mildew - they also make a fun conversation piece!

Product Information:
Quantity: (10)
Material: Camphor Wood
Color: Natural
Size: .78" x 1.37"

  • 🌎 Natural odor fighting properties - place them around your home to fight undesirable odors.

  • 🌎 Inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria.

  • 🌎 Made with camphor wood a natural insect repellent, effective on flies, moths, roaches, ants and more.

  • 🌎 Our Smell Good Shrooms™ are sustainable and biodegradable.

Our Smell Good Shrooms™ can be placed around the home anywhere undesireable odors or insects gather, bathrooms, in drawers, basements, the laundry room and more.

Camphor wood (Cinnamomum Camphora a relative of Cinnamon) - is not intended for human or animal consumption - to ensure pet and child safety we reccomend placing our Smell Good Shrooms™ out of reach. (i.e. - Our Smell Good Shrooms™ are not a chew toy for babies, children or pets.)

To refresh the natural odor of our Smell Good Shrooms™ place them in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours.