Want to launder your clothing with an effective, natural alternative to harsh chemical laundry detergents and fabric softeners?

Our soap nuts, a subsitiute for mainsteam detergents will keep your laundry fresh and clean while maintaining the integrity, softness and colors of all fabrics. The active ingredient found in soap nuts, 'saponin' creates natural suds that eliminate microbes and fungi, while releasing dirt, grime and oils from fabrics, so ditch the 'harsh and dirty' detergent - clean and freshen your clothes with Nuhni soap nuts!

Our soap nuts can be combined with Nuhni wool dryer balls for a gentle, effective and eco-friendly laundry solution.

All quantities include a free unbleached muslin wash bag.

Product Information:
Quantity: (1lb or 5lbs)
Material: Organic Soap Berries
Color: Natural
Size: Half Shells

  • 🌎 Each soap nut can be used up to four times before it's cleaning power is spent.

  • 🌎 Soapnuts contain 'saponin' - no funky or harmful ingredients - which naturally cleans and softens fabrics!

  • 🌎 A healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical laundry detergents, plus they are bio-degradable!

  • 🌎 Hypo-allergenic and gentle on the skin, soap nuts are an excellent choice for babies, children and those with skin conditions such as eczema.

  • 🌎 Soap nuts are not actually 'nuts' they are soap berries and safe for those suffering from nut allergies.

  • 🌎 Soap nuts are odorless, if you want a fresh clean scent add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to each laundry load.

Add 6-8 soap nuts to your muslin wash bag and toss in the washer with your laundry. Wash as normal. Soap nuts can be used at any temperature setting on any wash cycle. How will I know if my clothes are clean!? Clothes laundered with soap nuts have no scent, that's how you know they have been properly cleaned!

Want to take this a step further and eliminate all mainstream chemicals from your laundry room? Want a clean and refreshing smell? Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to each laundry load. To brighten your whites add a dash of baking soda. To soften clothes, a 1/2 cup of white vinegar - be sure to check out our wool dryer balls to save time, money and the environment!

Our soap nuts have an infinite shelf life and can be used up to four times before their cleaning power is spent, refresh as needed. We have some customers that use soap nuts on every other laundry load. We know changing laundry habits can be difficult - remember even a small change is better then no change, give them a try today!