Includes one (1) wool dryer ball, about the size of a tennis ball.

Our wool dryer balls save time, money and electricity by reducing your total dry time. They eliminate fabric softeners, instead naturally softening laundry, pummeling it with each rotaion of your dryer bin. They work by bouncing around inside the dryer separating clothes, increasing airflow and in turn drying your laundry... lickity split!

Eliminate harsh chemicals from your home, throw out the dryer sheets and fabric softener, replace them both with our wool dryer balls, just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils. We prefer lemongrass and lavender, as it makes our laundry and home smell glorious.

  • ☼ Our wool dryer balls reduce static, wrinkles, soften clothes and decrease drying time; plus they help save money by cutting your electricity usage.

  • ☼ A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets, just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils and toss in the dryer.

  • ☼ Eliminate harmful chemicals from your home; dryer sheets contain perfumes that add chemicals to your clothes. Those chemicals end up on your skin. Yuck!

  • ☼ Durable, will last for years without wearing out! You can expect aprox 1000-1500 dryer cycles or 2-5 years with our wool dryer balls.

We reccomend using at least three (3-6) dryer balls; depending on the size of your dryer. Although one (1) can be used if you need to dry a blouse or button down quickly for work. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the dryer balls and toss them inside with your wet laundry. Your dryer loads won't take nearly as long, so be sure you are not overdrying your clothes.

Also! Do not overload your dryer, read your dryer instructions carefully as this will help reduce your drying time. Dryer balls work by bouncing around inside the dryer, creating more air flow, and drying your laundry faster! When your dryer is overloaded dryer balls aren't going to be as effective.

There is not much to say, as our dryer balls are a low maintaince product. You may notice a small amount of dryer ball shrinkage when used at high heat settings. If you want to wash them, just toss them in the wash, gentle cycle, low heat. Overdrying can give dryer balls a static charge, to eliminate this, just add a balled up piece of aluminum foil to your dryer load or don't overdry your laundry.